Monitoring Services

Break Free From Camera Monitoring Frustrations

Stop Incessant Phone Notifications

Reduce Your Emails

Eliminate False Alarms

Notify Authorities Faster

Live 24/7 Service

Cost Effective & Scalable

Peace of Mind

*only available on Alibi Camera Systems

How Does It Work?

how does it work

You can rest easy knowing that our trained technicians are on the job and protecting your valuables.

Whether it's your property, possessions, or family.

We help you set up the service and identify what to watch for, who to alert, and how to alert them.

Our staff monitors your cameras 24/7 and either alert you or the authorities when ever necessary.

Is It Expensive?

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Monitoring services are very cost effective and affordable. We can save you time, frustration, & money.

For just $50 a month you can have ultimate peace of mind knowing the authorities will be alerted within moments of a problem being detected.

Much faster than an alert can get to you, be checked, and then you call the proper authorities.

Just one camera with lots of activity can generate hundreds of emails per month.

Keep your email clear of false positives by investing in 24/7 monitoring services.

Our technicians can alert the proper authorities faster than a standard alert can be checked for authenticity.

Let our technicians protect your investments.

Need time off? Phone get lost or broke? Out of your service area?

We can make sure your cameras are never left unattended.

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